About Us

New Zealand Travel Experts is a subsidiary of Broadway Travel, a reputable, Perth-based, independent travel agency catering to all travelers, including corporate.

Broadway Travel has been in operation for 27 years, and owner/travel agents Toni Chambers and Suzanne Baker built an extremely successful agency in this time.

New Zealand Travel Experts is a more recent addition to the agency and was the brainchild of Toni, a native New Zealander. Toni established a team of New Zealand travel specialists who are passionate about New Zealand and eager to assist with all New Zealand travel arrangements.

Sadly Toni is no longer with us, but New Zealand Travel Experts and Broadway Travel still boast a team of experienced travel consultants who, with Suzanne at the helm, continue to provide a friendly, supportive and expert travel service (see testimonials).

In July 2012, Broadway Travel merged with Collins Cruise and Travel, a well-established agency which has for the last 16 years operated under the direction and from the home of Leahnni Collins. The agency, Leahnni and her staff are all very well respected in the travel industry and will make a invaluable contribution to the already extensive breadth of travel knowledge at Broadway Travel and New Zealand Travel Experts.

The agency is a member of the Magellan Travel Group, the Travel Compensation Fund and has been a member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents since 1985.

Broadway Travel also holds the prerequisite ticketing accreditation under the International Air Transport Association, number 02306076, and possesses the Travel Agents Licence 9TA3/1517.

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