Motorhome/Self Drive

Motorhome and self drive holidays offer the independent traveller the opportunity to get off the beaten track and discover some of the more hidden gems in New Zealand.

The self drive holiday option provides the luxury of your own hot shower and comfortable bed, whereas the motorhome is more suited to the free spirited traveller.

There are a number of motorhome providers in New Zealand offering 2 – 6 berths and different levels of luxury.

All the main rental car providers are available in New Zealand plus several others. New Zealand Travel Experts have some preferred providers which ensures you get the best rental rate.

New Zealand is great place to drive and the road network is of a high standard. Be mindful that driving times may be longer than expected due the winding nature of the roads and  the number of scenic lookouts.


7 days in a 2 berth premier campervan from $648pp

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