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Anita Bennett

New Zealand Travel Adviser
~ 10 years experience

Specialty Areas

Kiwi born, Anita moved to Australia in 2008 after 5 years working for the House of Travel NZ and most recently has worked for ANZCRO. She has travelled throughout most of New Zealand and also a few of the South Pacific Islands.

Anita is certainly well placed to advise on all aspects of New Zealand travel!

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New Zealand Travel Experts is an agency based in Perth, Western Australia, but our consultants have either grown up or lived in New Zealand and their knowledge of the country is intimate. Their personal qualifications are detailed below.

Please feel free to contact our New Zealand specialists to ensure you enjoy a holiday package created by somebody who knows what they’re talking about. Description: travel booking agency

New Zealand Travel Specialist

Leanne Sajtos

Places visited: New Zealand, Thailand, Canada, Scotland, London, Budapest, Salzburg, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Born and raised a New Zealand girl, Leanne has worked in the travel and tourism industry for the past eight years.

She has graduated with a Diploma in Tourism and Tour Guiding, having completed her studies in New Zealand where she has extensively travelled and guided tour groups.

Leanne has an intimate and passionate understanding of her native country and uses her knowledge to organise exciting holidays in the best parts of New Zealand.

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Senior Travel Consultant

Credited Cruise Consultant

Gemma Smith

Places visited: New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cook Islands, Cocos Islands, South Africa, West Coast America, Vietnam, Mauritrius. In 2007, visited Austria, London, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France.

Gemma has been working in the travel industry for almost 15 years. She is a New Zealand travel specialist with an expertise in skiing.

Gemma has extensive experience in the international arena with a special interest in cruising. She extensively toured the West Coast of America in 2006 and travelled through various European countries in 2007.

Gemma has a Certificate in Travel and Tourism and is a credited cruise consultant.

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